Tiny crystal hanap with ribbed swellings... - Lot 44 - Chayette & Cheval

Lot 44
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12000 - 18000 EUR
Tiny crystal hanap with ribbed swellings... - Lot 44 - Chayette & Cheval
Tiny crystal hanap with ribbed swellings blown into a mould and emerald green in colour. Openwork, cut, engraved and gilded bronze frame. Tuscany, Renaissance period, end of the 16th century. This frame, perfectly protects the precious glass thanks to four double-hinged uprights. Decorated with stylised foliage escutcheons. The shoulder and the base are decorated with "stylized foliage tips". The neck has a simple moulding, under a large beak engraved with a spearhead, and the handle, raised, is a stock decorated with seven spikes. H.: 12 cm Diam. of the pedestal : 6.6 cm Gross weight : 222.7 gr Some rare wears on the gilding. Superb state of conservation. Comparable objects: -Exposition Murano, 2013, (Musée Maillol): a red glass amphora late 16th/early 17th century, H.: 22 cm -Vente Olivier Coutau-Bégarie, 23 May 2014 n° 237: pair of small red glass vases late 16th/early 17th century, H.: 13 cm. The excellence of Venetian glassmakers of the Renaissance is recognized throughout Europe. They are in great demand and they are attracted in all the regions of Italy and abroad, to manage glass factories, bringing the secrets of techniques, proven at home. Thus the Grand Duke of Tuscany succeeded in welcoming Bartolo d'ALVISE, an eminent specialist in Medici glassware, in 1569. Under his authority, the Tuscan region produced a large number of small blown or moulded glass objects of various colours, mounted in bronze or sometimes silver. These precious and fragile works of art were used as diplomatic gifts and circulated throughout Europe under the name of "Venetian-style glass". In the second half of the 16th century, foreigners, including princes, diplomats and merchants, came from all over Europe to cross Tuscany to reach the major Italian centres.
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