Tellurium in cast iron, brass and printed... - Lot 30 - Chayette & Cheval

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Tellurium in cast iron, brass and printed... - Lot 30 - Chayette & Cheval
Tellurium in cast iron, brass and printed paper signed 'Société Nationale des Conférences Populaires', The globe signed 'E. Bertaux 25 rue Serpente Paris'. D. of the globe 70m. L. of the arm 33cm ; H. 31.3cm. Accidents to the engraved paper of the zodiacal calendar on the plate carrying the Sun, this one simulated by a candle. The Société Nationale des Conférences Populaires was founded in 1890 by the poet Emile Jean Guerin Catelain (1856-1913) in order to 'spread free higher primary education among adults of both sexes, in all the communes of France, Algeria and the Colonies ... as well as in the Regiments and the Navy'. The method was simple - organize a conference each week in Paris or in its region, to distribute them to volunteer lecturers in all the communes of France. It was an immediate success, with over 100,000 lectures given between 1893 and 1903. From 1895 onwards, the lectures were accompanied by light projections and, perhaps, for cosmography by devices such as the tellurium presented here. Nevertheless such instruments remain rare. We have been able to locate only one other example, and that outside France, at the University of Lausanne. Emile Bertaux (1840-1903) is known for several 'out of the ordinary' globes, such as those of the Moon and Mars of Camille Flammarion, or the 'navisphere' of de Magnac; In 1875 he joined the Delamarche company.
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